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One Family, Two Amazing Farrell's Transformations

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Could a work-from-home mom and a competitive athlete dad both achieve measurable results at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping?

This was just the question husband and wife, Rick and Miranda, of our South Ankeny, Iowa, location asked and wanted to find out. Let’s see if they did! Read about their Farrell’s journey below!

Miranda’s Transformation Story:

I decided early in 2017 that I was tired of feeling tired, being out of shape, and ready to make some changes in my lifestyle to not only better my physical health, but my self-image as well. My husband (Rick) is more into the athletic endeavors in the family, so I asked him what he thought I should do. He knew a fair bit about Farrell’s and its established history, but also all the various get fit quick promises made by other gyms and boutiques popping up on every other corner as of late.

Miranda before and after Farrell's 10-Week ChallengeHe looked further into a number of them and recommended I check out Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping and their 10-week challenge. Knowing that I enjoyed some kickboxing and group fitness classes in the past, he had the most confidence in the Farrell’s program, and that it would keep me interested. He also knew several people that had gone through the program who recommended it as well. Given that the Farrell’s program entailed a whole lifestyle change that was sustainable long-term to becoming healthy, I thought this might be the program I needed.

I always had excuses why I couldn’t make a commitment to working out six days a week. The biggest was getting up in the morning since I’ve always been a night owl. We worked it out so that I could hit a morning class before he went to work and I enrolled for the summer session a few days late and on impulse (before I could make up more excuses). Between not being a morning person, hating to run, and already feeling out of shape, it was a struggle to get out of bed each morning and make myself go the first few weeks. Rick did a great job of helping me stay accountable though and some days literally kicking me out of bed as I said, “Maybe I can skip just one day.”

Soon enough though, it became habit and I was ready to go each morning and find my level 10. I felt the frustrations of the scale not moving, but listened to my coaches and did my best to ignore it. Then we hit the 5-week check-in and I could physically see how my body was changing. I was indeed losing fat, gaining muscle, and the inches were coming off. This renewed my sense of determination as we headed into the last half of the session.

I continued working hard in every class. I made perfect attendance one of my goals and stayed after almost every day to catch a few minutes of “extras”. Seeing my motivation, Rick also helped me start dialing in my nutrition a bit more so I could capitalize further on my hard work and help create a sustainable lifestyle change that would trickle down to our family as well. As the 10 weeks came to a close, I was excited by the progress I’d made. I made measurable gains in all of my final tests including the mile run, which I hadn’t done outside of the testing. The work was hard but rewarding as I finished each class and felt stronger than I had the week before.

Finally, it was the 10-week graduation and party day! I was nervous about seeing my before and after pictures, and like most 10 week challengers, excited to see if I possibly won the $1,000 challenge. While I didn’t win our session, I impressed myself with my results and ability to make a positive change that affected the quality of my day-to-day life. I not only looked better, I physically felt better. I had fewer days where I felt extremely fatigued, I was sleeping better, I was eating healthier, and I had less issues with joint pain and headaches. I made the decision to become a Farrell’s FIT member and enrolled for the next year! It’s been a great journey thus far, but I knew I had more to go and that Farrell’s would be the place to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.

Rick’s Transformation Story:

After recommending Farrell’s to Miranda, I was excited to see what she would do with the opportunity. I’d known about the Farrell’s fitness program for a number of years and knew it wasn’t the new and untested kid on the block. I’d even looked several times and whether or not I would enroll for a session. Timing was never quite on my side though as I spend about nine months of the year training for and racing mountain bikes competitively. The remaining three months are my “more beer and more pizza” season as I recoup from the previous year and recharge my batteries before diving headlong into training again.

Rick before and after Farrell's 10-Week Challenge

At Miranda’s end of session graduation, there was an opportunity to toss your name in the bowl for a chance to win a free 10-week session. Stephanie (the owner) asked if I was going to enroll and I jokingly thought to myself, sure, wouldn’t it be funny if I won? I felt like I was already in pretty good shape as I had just completed my hardest race to date after spending seven solid months training for it. I was left thinking to myself, “what could I possibly gain?” Well, you guessed it; my name was drawn. Miranda asked if I would use it and give it a serious shot or if I should pass it on to someone else. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so I figured if ever there was a time to try it out and see if indeed I could transform myself, this was it.

At my initial testing at orientation, I remember thinking that maybe I’d taken this extra beer and extra pizza season a bit too serious. I knew it was time to consider how the years were slowing down my ability to bounce back from yo-yoing yearly as I went from in shape to out of shape and then train my way back again. It was time for me to work on transforming my lifestyle as well. I made it my personal challenge to give it my level 10 every class and see if I could come out at the end of 10 weeks in the best shape of my life at 40 years old.

The classes were hard! I was dragging myself out of bed each morning and trying to get there in time to get some warm up in before our class started. I quickly found out that as a single sport athlete, my body was well adapted to that particular pursuit, but when it came to functional overall strength, I was in the same boat as everyone else. I was lost on my kickboxing movements and strength training workouts, but with the help of the coaches, I started finding my way through each workout, able to push harder and coordinate my movements better.

A favorite part of this experience was our two coaches assigned to our 5:15 team. I say team, because we were. We helped push and motivate each other daily to not only show up, but to work hard each day. The FIT members in my timeslot were just as welcoming and encouraging. I made some new friends for sure. It was just another layer of the experience to help me get to the gym each day and be ready to kick some butt.

At the 5-week check in, my numbers floored me. I couldn’t believe that I’d dropped that much fat or lost so many inches. I didn’t think I had anything to gain (lose) when I started the Farrell’s program. In only half the time, I was seeing measurable results and ready to push myself through the final five weeks. I tried to make each class a higher level 10 than the one before it and even though it was hard, it was rewarding. I could now physically see the changes in my body in the mirror. I could see it in my teammates as well. We were all making progress! We pushed each other through to the end and at the final 10-week testing it was a celebration knowing we’d all gained new strength, lost inches, lost fat, and gained new friends.

The 10-week session graduation was a blast. We celebrated as a team and marveled over our transformation pictures. The program lived up to all that it promised and we were all transformed. I found myself with a much stronger overall body, less fat to carry around, and functionally more fit than I’d ever been. I had made my goal a reality.

So, does the program work for both the athletic and non-athletic? Yes, it does. If you put in the work and give it your best, you can transform yourself regardless of where you are now.

Rick and Miranda B. are FIT Members at our South Ankeny, Iowa, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.
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