How Farrell's Has Changed My Life
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How Farrell's Has Changed My Life

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Adam Richards is a 2019 National Challenge finalist and member at Farrell’s Bloomington, Illinois. We are so proud of Adam’s accomplishments and honored to share his Farrell’s story with you.

A Wake-Up Call

In June of 2018, my family took our dream vacation to Disney World. Let me tell you – the hundreds of pictures from all angles in that park was more of a wake-up call than a dream! I hadn’t been on a scale in months and thought of myself as a big, strong guy. But the pictures didn’t lie. I wasn’t big. I was HUGE!

Picture of Adam from Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping 

We came home from vacation, and I jumped on the scale. I realized it was truly time for a change. I was determined to do it on my own. I made promises to myself and my wife, but I broke all of them. Then in July, I received an email from Farrell’s inviting me back to the gym. “I couldn’t do that,” I said to myself. After all, I had previously been a 10-Week Challenge winner! And now I was 20 pounds bigger than I was when I started the first time. How humiliating! Thankfully, my wife gave me that final push to go back and join Farrell’s again. This time I promised myself that I was not there for the competition. I was there to create life-long health habits.


Those first few workouts were hard, and I was embarrassed, but my fellow Farrell’s members were so supportive and encouraging! Day after day I returned and gave my Level 10. Slowly, things began to change. Workouts became a little easier. The healthy eating tips started to sink in, and I started to crave more healthy habits. As my nutrition became healthier, my workout intensity went through the roof! So, I started to learn how to build my diet to boost my workouts. Workouts stopped becoming work and started to be the fuel for the rest of my day. I loved every minute, every drop of sweat, every struggle a little more each day!

Farrell’s Taught Me How to Live

I often hear that Farrell’s has given people their life back. I don’t think that’s true for me. Farrell’s has taught me how to live and continually strive to be better every day. This is living life at Level 10! As my health improved, so did other areas of my life. I have become so much stronger because of Farrell’s. Not because I can lift a heavier band – but because Farrell’s has shown me the path to building my body, building my mind, building spiritually, and giving me the opportunity to give back to others!

I’ve lost 90 pounds and over 20% body fat. I’m able to play with my 10 and 6-year old sons again. I can go for a run with my wife when she wants to. We’ve planned many family trips, like going hiking in the mountains, that I physically couldn’t do before Farrell’s. My wife and I meal prep together with nutritious foods to fuel our active lifestyle. Before, I missed these experiences because of my unhealthy lifestyle. But now, I have transformed the relationships I have with my family and improved everyday life for everyone! And now, I’m even teaching classes at Farrell’s to help others experience the amazing results that the Farrell’s program achieves. So, Farrell’s didn’t give me my life back – it taught me how to live! For this I will be forever grateful.
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