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Earning the Results I Wanted at Farrell's!

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I joined Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping because a few friends were thinking about joining and I wanted to switch up my workouts.

In the course of 10 weeks, my overall body fat percentage is down 2.4%. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s really allowed my muscle definition to start to show – especially in my abs and arms. I am pushing harder in my workouts from both a cardio and strength training perspective and I have noticed I am able to exert myself at a higher intensity during workout bursts and rebound quicker in active recoveries. I’ve lost 6.5 inches off my body so far and substantially decreased in my mile time and increased the amount of push-ups and sit-ups I can do in a minute.

Farrell's Ankeny, IA member Deb G, before and after 10-week challenge

Farrell’s is a great program – for all levels of fitness! Prior to joining Farrell’s, I always considered myself to be a fit and healthy individual. I played high school and college sports; I had consistently worked out five days a week in the morning before work since graduating from college; and I have always enjoyed eating a balanced diet to fuel my body properly.

Overall, I was proud of my healthy lifestyle, but I had set tough goals for myself and hadn’t been able to reach them. One of my biggest fears in joining Farrell’s was that I wouldn’t see noticeable results because I had already been active and tried different workout approaches that weren’t producing the results I wanted. Further, I feared that if I didn’t get the results I wanted with Farrell’s, I was going to have to accept that my goals weren’t obtainable without giving up a balanced lifestyle that included an occasional happy hour, meal out, dessert, etc.

However, the Farrell’s program cranked up my workouts, pushed me to get to my Level 10, and allowed me to earn the type of results I was looking for. Everyone has their unique health journey and may be at different places, but Farrell’s is a program that can help anyone, no matter their fitness level or goals.

For me, Farrell’s was crucial in amping up the intensity and pushing me harder, but for others, it provided the technique, consistency, supportive network, accountability, and/or whole host of other tools they needed to see it through. Farrell’s provides the tools to a healthier lifestyle, but the key is that you are responsible for taking those tools provided and earn your results. You only get out what you put in, and you are responsible for your success or your failure.

My most memorable moment so far has been running the mile. Our 10-week session seemed to have a weather curse and our runs often needed to be postponed or were quite chilly. On the last day of the session, when we were set to run our final mile, the curse continued as Mother Nature provided a mixture of rain/sleet/snow, wind, and near-freezing temps. I really wanted to see how far I had come and was determined to run to beat my original times. Matt, my coach, was a team player and ran with me on all my runs and pushed me on the last one. With water splashing on most steps as our feet hit the pavement and snow blowing in our eyes, I ran a 7:16 mile, down a total of 45 seconds from my first mile - even in tough weather.

Your body is yours, and you only get one. It’s something you live with every day and has a huge effect on your life and the things you are able to do. Taking care of it, pushing it to the next level, fueling it properly, and seeing it transform is one of the most rewarding things you can experience. Despite all the gimmicks that want to tell you otherwise, there are no shortcuts or free rides to earning a healthy body – Farrell’s promotes hard work and mindful eating to earn your body. The energy you feel, the confidence you gain, the success you earn – it’s addicting. So the bigger question is why not?

Success is a consequence of the small choices we make each day. It may be easier to stay in your warm bed and sleep an extra hour, it may be more convenient to order take out than cook your own meal, but the ones who go in a little earlier, stay a little later, push a little harder, and dig a little deeper are the ones for whom results are inevitable.

So even if resolution hypes have died down, the cheering crowds aren’t around, or your motivation is dwindling, don’t give in. Time continues on regardless and what you do during that time produces consequences - so make sure the results are something you’ll be proud of and not something you’ll regret. If you don’t work for it, you can’t complain about not having it. Don’t give up on living Life at Level 10.

Deb G. is a FIT Member at our North Ankeny, IA Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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